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Your Partner in
Retirement Plan Management

Consulting Services for Sponsors, Financial Advisors & CPAs

Retirement Plan Administration That Lets You Focus on Your Business

You and your team have grown your organization to a significant level of success, and now getting expert help with retirement plan administration and design are high on your radar. With over 30 years’ experience, RPSI delivers not just the expertise but the approach to support your success: we never forget that behind every retirement, 401(k) or pension plan, you and the people on your team are counting on that plan—and us—to keep it running smoothly.

Retirement Plan Administration, RPSI

Plan Design

Let us help you define your goals; then we’ll customize a retirement or 401(k) plan that balances them to achieve the greatest benefits.

Retirement Plan Administration, RPSI

Plan Administration

Get more time, and skip the stress; we’ll take on the paperwork, questions, and retirement plan compliance–and that’s just the start.

Retirement Plan Administration, RPSI

Plan Acquisitions

We provide a winning solution for those desiring to move away from retirement plan management by taking on existing plan blocks.

Retirement Plan Administration, RPSI

Payroll Services

Relieve your team of all the time consuming day-to-day payroll management, while ensuring accurate deductions.

Relieving the Burden of Retirement Plan Administration

The ongoing shifts and changes in compliance details and audits required for any retirement plan make staying on stable ground a challenge for today’s company plan sponsors. As a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), our comprehensive retirement plan services offer you the very real benefit of peace of mind, as well as freeing up time on your calendar. RPSI’s team approach includes:

Retirement Plan Administration, RPSI

Partnering with Sponsors, CPAs, Advisors & Recordkeepers

Partnering is at the core of our time-tested processes, never an afterthought. We serve all those involved in financial planning for retirement, and organizations small to large—becoming their ally for client (and employee) success.

Retirement Plan Administration, RPSI


Alleviate the burdens of maintaining a retirement plan.

Retirement Plan Administration, RPSI


Get complete support for clients’ contribution plans.

Retirement Plan Administration, RPSI


Ensure you and your clients needs are met.

Retirement Plan Administration, RPSI


Be confident that daily tasks will run smoothly.

An Added Layer of Protection for Your Peace of Mind

RPSI becomes a fiduciary for your retirement plan. As a fiduciary, RPSI will accept total responsibility for the operation of your plan.

RPSI handles everything:

Act as the day-to-day contact for your participants
Sign & process all loans & distributions
Mail all required participant notices
Maintain all records
Sign and file IRS form 5500
Our 3(16) Services provide an extra layer of service and protection.

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